How to Select the Right Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen Refacing Project

What is Cabinet refacing? Kitchen cabinet refacing usually involves replacing existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with either a new veneer overtop plywood, thin board, or a clear top layer over plywood or another clear surface. In many cases, Cabinet refacing will also include replacing the cabinet hardware, such as knobs and pulls. In most cases, Cabinet refacing will not require the same amount of work as a complete kitchen remodeling project because the new look may only be cosmetic, such as a brand-new kitchen island with stools for the bar-use.

cabinet refacing

Although more expensive than a full kitchen remodeling job, Cabinet refacing can save you thousands of dollars over time. Refacing replaces worn-out, mismatched, or obsolete cabinet hardware with brand-new, high-quality pieces that complement and enhance your new kitchen remodeling design. It also adds a layer of insulation to a kitchen that is especially useful in summer, when heat and humidity can damage wood-based cabinet surfaces. Cabinets also add structural strength to a kitchen because they can withstand heavy objects placed on them, such as pots and pans. Some cabinet refacing includes enhancements to the flooring underneath, such as stone, brick, or ceramic tile; these materials can significantly enhance the appearance of an older home. In addition, refacing can provide for easier maintenance by eliminating sharp edges on cabinet edges. Visit Website for more kitchen remodeling ideas.

The first step to take in the Cabinet refacing process is to measure the dimensions of your room. Then you will need to choose whether you wish to match the existing cabinetry style to your design or to customize it. Custom cabinets can add an element of artistic expression to a room while providing you with the ability to choose wood and hardware that best suits your needs and desires. There are two basic options in customizing a room: replacement cabinets or replacing entire cabinets. Replacing cabinets are often the more economical choice, especially if you are considering doing the work yourself; however, you may have limited options when it comes to choosing the cabinet faces and hardware, which make it an excellent option for remodeling but not ideal for professional installation.

If the existing cabinets are in good shape, it may be possible to save money by replacing the doors. Although this may sound like a risky decision, it may actually save you money in the long run, depending on the quality of the doors you purchase. Some cabinet refacing options include glass, wood, metal, or a combination of wood and glass. Although painting the Cabinet may seem like a tempting way to save money, it is not a recommended option, as painted doors will have a very high repair cost. You may also not be able to change the finish or color of the paint to suit your needs.

Installing new cabinet doors may be the more expensive option when it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinet faces and hardware, but it does offer you the ability to choose a high-end product, which can increase the value of your home. In addition, installing new cabinets allows you to install a custom cabinet design, which you cannot get when replacing cabinets. However, installing new kitchen cabinets is also the most complex and time-consuming option. Not only must you select new cabinet hardware, but you will also need to measure and mark the opening of the Cabinet before cutting it to size and using the appropriate screws and caulk to complete the job. While installing new cabinetry is certainly an efficient option, it can also be the most expensive and least enjoyable.

If your cabinets are in good shape, you may be able to save money by refinishing cabinets. Whether you are doing the refacing to upgrade your kitchen or to just make minor repairs, refacing your cabinet face is an excellent way to bring your kitchen up to date, while still staying stylish. While installing new kitchen cabinets is definitely the most popular option for those who want to modernize their kitchen, replacing cabinet faces can give you the opportunity to create a look that you love. Whether you choose Cabinet refacing to update your kitchen or for a simple repair, the results can be very satisfying. If you are ready to start on your own Cabinet refacing project, you will find below a number of tips to help you decide what features to focus on.

Wood is an important factor when focusing on kitchen cabinet refacing, as it can add a rustic feel to your room while giving you a modern appeal. Cherry and oak are two of the most popular woods used for Cabinet refacing, although there are other types of wood available, such as pine and metal. When selecting the type of wood to use, you may want to start with these two woods, as they have distinct characteristics that will better compliment your remodeling needs.

Aside from choosing the right wood for your cabinets, you will also need to choose the right hardware to coordinate with your new cabinets. For instance, drawer fronts made from solid wood doors will be a lot different than those made from pressed wood or particleboard. Solid wood doors are more durable and can withstand high humidity without rotting or splintering. Pressed wood and particle board drawers, on the other hand, may look nice when they first arrive in your home, but over time will become old and worn if left unapplied.