How to bake the Best Pizza

– A Classic Diner Favorite

Just when you thought that you couldn’t have enough pizza, this guy comes out with the best pizza ever. While on vacation in Japan, Oishi had the honor of eating the best pizza of all time. Crazy, right? The story behind this amazing story has been told many times but never seemed to get told in detail until now.

best pizza

A number of years ago, while working in a major beer brewing factory outside Mito, Japan, a young man by the name of Oishi came upon a crazy and incredible pizza dough recipe. It wasn’t just a regular old pie with toppings, but an amazing, easy pizza dough recipe with tons of flavors and toppings. Oishi then whipped out his laptop and got busy trying to duplicate the same pizza dough recipe.

What he failed to realize was that there were two types of cheese used in homemade pizza: ricotta and mozzarella. As far as pizza breads go, mozzarella is one of the best kinds of bread for baking pizza because of its excellent balance of firmness and elasticity. Ricotta, on the other hand, is a creamy type of milk cheese that tends to be full-fat. (This makes it great for pies.)

So, he set about perfecting his homemade pizza baking skills by creating several different varieties using different combinations of these two cheeses. One of these varieties was a red tomato basil pizza, which he called “Red Tomato Basil Sauce”. This became such a hit with his peers that he was asked to make a series of them for a cookbook that he wrote as a method of introducing new recipes. And the most successful of them all? The ranch dressing on pizza. As you can see, Oishi had it all down.

But his real secret was not in the recipes he created, or even the pizza stones he used, but in the preparation of the dough. Many believe that professional dough boys are merely “brick and mortar” operations. And while they may be true to this stereotype, brick and mortar pizza shops also prepare their dough according to the exact time frame in which they need it. If the dough has been prepared incorrectly, it will not rise properly, and most of the baker’s efforts are wasted.

This is why we use our trusted recipe for the perfect crust – the crisp and crunchy toppings we love so much. It goes without saying that the topping has to be crispy, as the rest of the recipe relies on it for its success. This means fresh, raw tomatoes, a little olive oil, and your choice of cheese. The most important thing to remember is to allow the tomatoes and oil to warm up to room temperature before placing the cheese onto the dough.

For a classic New York style pie, start with half of one of your favorite half cheeses, then add some bacon and a slice of the other half of your favorite cheese. Then, top with your favorite homemade tomato sauce. Remember to leave a small corner of the pan or the base of the cheese off of the crust. This will allow the bacon grease to drip into the sauce, giving it an even color and a much deeper, more delicious flavor. You can season to taste, but the sauce should be the highlight of the dish, and not the cheese.

The final step is baked on and cooked to perfection on a wood or aluminum pizza stone. Let the pie cook for about two minutes until it begins to turn golden brown. Don’t open the oven. Keep it at room temperature until it’s done. Then enjoy your slice with an extra layer of tomato sauce on top and a whole host of your favorite toppings. With these simple instructions, you’ll have the best pizza ever.